DW Simpson 2023 Actuarial Salary Surveys are Here!

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DW Simpson is proud to provide our 2023 Salary Survey as part of our commitment to the actuarial industry.

2023 Actuarial Salary Surveys – DW Simpson

The DW Simpson 2023 Salary Survey is a comprehensive report of the actuarial industry, providing the most accurate and timely data on the compensation of actuaries. The survey covers different practice areas, such as health, life, property and casualty, pension, and catastrophe modeling. It also includes data on various levels of experience, from students to fellows.

Each year DW Simpson conducts a salary survey of the actuarial community to provide the most accurate and timely compensation information available, making our Salary Survey the industry standard. This year we have had our largest response to date! In addition, our highly trained recruiters develop strong relationships with candidates throughout their careers, and this allows us to gather additional data on the compensation packages of a wide variety of actuarial professionals – from student level to Chief Actuaries.


The Salary Survey is just one of the ways we support our clients and candidates. As a highly specialized recruiting firm focused on the actuarial industry, our focus is on being the best resource to the actuarial community for salary information, career advice and job market knowledge.

Below are a few examples from this year’s survey. You can find all the 2023 Salary Surveys at Analytics and Actuarial Executive Search – DW Simpson

To use the survey, you can either view the scatter graphs or use the interactive survey. The scatter graphs show the base salary, bonus, and total compensation of actuaries based on their years of experience.

The interactive survey allows you to filter the data by practice area, credential, and region. You can type in the number of years of experience in the box and hit Enter to activate. We recommend using a range of years (e.g., 5-10).

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