Why DW Simpson?

Specialization. Service. Longevity.

It’s What Our Clients Count On

We bring over 300 years of combined experience to your actuarial search.

Because DW Simpson is highly specialized, we have the specific expertise required to provide our clients with the resources, advice and support they need in the actuarial field and other related analytics professions in the insurance industry.

What are the benefits to a client company working with DW Simpson?

We are the largest actuarial, data science, and predictive analytics recruiting firm as it pertains to actuarial science and mathematicians. We have over 300 years (we added it up!) of combined recruiting experience at DW Simspon. Further, the average tenure of our lead recruiters at DW Simpson is 14 years, which translates into strong relationships with candidates throughout their careers, and is unsurpassed in our industry. Our recruiters have ongoing relationships with the actuaries in the industry and continue to foster new relationships in order to ensure that our clients have the best candidates for their positions. We also attend all actuarial-related meetings, and our recruiters attend the sessions to keep up with trends in the industry. Our goal is to provide the most qualified candidates in the least amount of time.

As part of our process we establish an intake call with you to evaluate what you are looking for in a candidate, including the job responsibilities, the cultural fit, and their qualitative attributes. Then we will advise you on any challenges we foresee (if applicable) and overall market conditions as they pertain to your search. Utilizing our own customized database, integrated with a state-of-the-art applicant tracking system, we are able to quickly identify the most appropriate candidates. We then facilitate the interview process, provide feedback, manage client/candidate total compensation and benefits expectations, and accomplish this in the most cost (and time) effective manner. We keep you informed, manage the candidates’ expectations of the interview process and what the next steps may (or may not) be. The actuarial recruitment and placement process is our specialty and we do it better, faster and more thoroughly than any of our competitors.

Our company has a Talent Acquisition Team. How can DW Simpson provide additional value?

Many of our clients have a Talent Acquisition Team, and we have many long-standing relationships with HR professionals! Our goal is not to replace a client’s Talent Acquisition Team, but to support and supplement their recruiting efforts in a highly specialized and competitive marketplace. Since we maintain relationships with most actuaries whether or not they are actively seeking a new position, we have access to reaching the best possible candidates for your open role. We also realize that there is a cost to a company when there is an unfilled vacancy, and we can provide additional coverage in support of a company’s internal recruiting efforts. We strive to fill your vacancies as quickly as possible with the best talent available.

We Understand That:

Size Matters

As the largest dedicated actuarial search firm, DW Simpson provides clients with unparalleled access to the candidate market. Each of our recruitment teams remains in contact with their actuarial candidates, following their careers and learning where they excel so they can quickly identify the right person for our clients’ requirements.

Approach Matters

The DW Simpson approach is direct, amiable, knowledgeable, and sensitive to the needs of clients and candidates. DW Simpson is not a “hard-sell” organization. Our approach to candidates on your behalf is to sell them on why a particular role is worth consideration.
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Actuary Recruiters

Success Matters

DW Simpson has grown to become the largest actuarial recruitment firm because of our consistent results. Over the years, DW Simpson has placed actuaries at all levels, from C-suite roles to students, and in all actuarial disciplines throughout the globe. We are constantly growing and evolving as recruiters and industry knowledge leaders, with an eye towards becoming more effective, better educated, and continuing to drive success for our clients and candidates.