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DW Simpson has more than 30 years of experience in business as an actuarial recruiting agency, and more than 300 years of combined actuarial executive search experience. We specialize in retained, contingent and C-suite recruitment for employers in property & casualty, life, health, pension, reinsurance (including life, health, and property & casualty), state insurance departments and more.

Our actuarial and analytics recruitment consultants closely work with professionals ranging from students to C-suite. We provide the networks, resources, and advice they need to build a meaningful career or take it to the next level.


Our mission is to be the premier executive recruiting firm specializing in the placement of actuaries and analytics professionals; to be recognized for the best service, integrity and forthrightness that the firm brings to each business relationship; and to be willing at all times to sacrifice short-term gain for the long-term good and prosperity of our clients, our candidates and, as a result, our organization as well.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

We are dedicated to hiring and retaining diverse talent and ensuring that we treat everyone with respect and support. We embrace diversity and strive to create conditions that provide everyone with an equal opportunity to thrive. Our employment practices will not be influenced or affected by an applicant’s or employee’s race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, pregnancy, national origin, marital status, genetic information, age, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state, or local laws.

DWS is a proud sponsor of the following organizations:

  • Sexuality and Gender Alliance of Actuaries
  • International Association of Black Actuaries
  • Network of Actuarial Women and Allies
  • Organization of Latino Actuaries
  • South Asian Network of Actuaries

Corporate Sponsorships

Salary Surveys

DW Simpson is proud to provide the 2023 Actuarial Salary Survey. Each year we conduct a survey of the actuarial industry to provide the most accurate and timely data available, making our Salary Survey the industry standard.

Guide to interpreting the results of the salary surveys:

The horizontal axis (bottom) represents the years of experience.

The vertical axis (side) represents the dollar amount of compensation.

The green, blue and orange dots represent base salary (green), bonus (blue) and total compensation (orange).

The orange line (total compensation), the green line (base salary), and the blue line (bonus) are the linear trendlines marking the average increase in compensation as someone gains years of experience.

DW Simpson Interactive Salary Survey

DW Simpson now offers an interactive Salary Survey powered by Power BI. The interactive survey allows for additional filter options.

The information in our interactive survey utilizes the same data in the above scatter graphs and depending on the number of filters you use, the results of your choices may only have a few data points. The information is best viewed in full-screen mode.

Guide to using our Interactive Salary Survey:

You are able to type in the number of years of experience, hit Enter to activate. We recommend using a range of years (ie. 5-10).

If you want to make multiple checkbox selections in one category, hold CTRL while clicking on the boxes.

Alternatively, you can press the Select All button, then deselect the checkboxes you don’t want to use.

The clear selection button is in the top right corner of each category.

If you have any questions about our salary survey contact us at



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