Why Building a Relationship with a Recruiter is a Great Career Move

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Have you avoided speaking with a recruiter or replying to their email simply because you’re not actively looking for a change in your career? Well, it’s never a bad time to get in touch. Here are a few reasons why you should consider reaching out to a recruiter who has contacted you recently:

  • Recruiters, like those at DW Simpson, pride themselves on the relationships they build and maintain over the years. Even if now isn’t the time for you to make a change in your career, beginning the relationship and continuing to stay in touch will set you up for success down the road.


  • You had the opportunity to work remotely with COVID-19 and would like to continue to work remotely, but your company is planning to have you come back into the office in the coming months. There are more remote opportunities than ever before, so now would be a good time to assess the market and get ahead of having to go back into the office.


  • You never know what may happen at your current company. You could be affected by a round of layoffs or you might find that the new leader in your department or company is not someone that you mesh with. You may even find yourself in a hostile work environment. These things can happen in the blink of an eye and your recruiter is the best person to help you move on.


  • Your role is becoming redundant and it’s time to find something that will allow you to broaden your skillset. Sometimes people find themselves in a position where they can’t expand their horizons or add more value than they already do. That might be a reason to find something new and exciting.


  • You’ve determined your career aspirations and want to pursue those more closely. We want you to reach your goals and achieve your greatest potential. The most rewarding part of being a recruiter is helping people be genuinely happy with their career. At DW Simpson, we do our best to stay in touch with our candidates every year, as we want to ensure that you are happy and successful.


There are many other personal and professional reasons that cause people to look for a change, but I find that these are the most common, and some that you might not realize apply to you. At DW Simpson we are always happy to talk to you, even if you aren’t actively searching for a new role and simply want to start a relationship with a recruiter!

Some of the tools that set us apart from other recruiting agencies are our salary survey and assistance in resume building. It’s always helpful to understand where your compensation falls within the market, so here is a link to our actuarial salary survey, which we publish every year and provides true market data. Additionally, we are happy to also offer resume advice. It’s always good to have an updated resume so you don’t have to scramble if you are in a tough situation. We can help with formatting and writing your resume if that’s something that doesn’t come easy for you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Chip Searles, Recruiter