Be An Actuary Month

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An ongoing topic in the actuarial field is the need to boost awareness of actuarial science and the actuarial career path. Many have heard the term “actuary,” but rarely are they able to explain what an actuary actually does. Or some may discover actuarial science much later in life, putting them at a disadvantage in a highly competitive field.


In an effort to heighten actuarial visibility, February’s “Insurance Careers Month” was the perfect time for the CAS and SOA to launch “Be An Actuary Month.” The event is specifically geared towards high school students and underrepresented groups. explains that actuaries “manage risk by designing creative ways to reduce the likelihood and impact of undesired events that occur. They also help people and organizations plan for the future and protect themselves from loss and hardships.”


Following the ever-growing dimensions of competition in all fields, actuarial science continues to get more competitive. As a result, this event is giving students the opportunity to look into scholarship programs and explore options to get ahead by pursuing an actuarial degree in college.


The event also offers comprehensive ways to explore different topics, from games that test your knowledge of the actuarial career to actuaries visiting schools to talk to students.


Virtual events will be hosted throughout the month that address topics among the likes of “What is an actuary?” or “Why am I an actuary?”, as well as introductory courses like

“Intro to the Concept of Risk Exposure with Real World Examples.”


One thing is clear – in order to bolster the unique minds of potential actuaries, outreach is necessary.


This event is the first of many hoping to amplify the general perception and understanding of actuarial science. Actuaries have skills transferable across multiple industries, and the need for individuals in this career path only grows stronger. Although February is “Be an Actuary Month,” educating those around you about actuarial science is important all year long.


Check out the official events page if you are interested in participating in the event:

By Marilyn Simpson