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Q&A with Shruti Gupta

As part of our commitment to the actuarial industry, we are a proud sponsor of SANA, the South Asian Network of Actuaries, an organization of current and aspiring South Asian actuaries that provides professional advancement opportunities, early actuarial education support, and broader community upliftment. Shruti Gupta, ASA, MAAA, co-founder and board member of SANA generously took the time to answer my questions about the organization and its contributions to its members and the industry.


Can you give me a brief history of how SANA started and what the original goals were when it was founded? 

SANA is a non-profit organization founded in July 2020 by two South Asian actuaries (Shruti Gupta and Ritu Jain). One of the primary drivers in forming the organization was to bring together the actuaries of South Asian descent and form a community. Through this community, we hoped to help the next generation of South Asian actuaries navigate actuarial exams and avoid other struggles that we experienced, including getting a foot in the door and progressing in the profession. The vision of SANA was realized with the help of many volunteers who helped us establish our roots – providing guidance and bringing ideas to the table.


What are the goals of the organization now and in the future?

The original goal, to establish a strong network of current and aspiring South Asian actuaries worldwide, is the core foundation of SANA. The goals have evolved and expanded to include the below:

  • Raise awareness about the actuarial profession at high school and college levels
  • Provide professional advancement opportunities to our members
  • Provide early education support to students including scholarship opportunities
  • Provide mentorship
  • Develop Actuarial talent pipeline
  • Develop actuarial profession in South Asia


How does SANA support their members?

SANA supports their members by providing the following:

  • Networking opportunities (in-person and virtual)
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Guidance on exams
  • Exam Sponsorship
  • Interview and Resume workshops


How does SANA support the actuarial profession?

SANA supports the actuarial profession by helping diversify the profession and making it more inclusive. SANA, like other affinity organizations, provides a voice to the under-represented groups in the industry. SANA also raises awareness about the actuarial profession, with an aim to increase the flow of candidates who aspire to become actuaries and bring fresh perspective. Ultimately, greater diversity in the actuarial profession will help the insurance industry grow and reach untapped markets.


Who is eligible to be a member? Is there any cost to be a member?

Anyone who is associated with the actuarial profession, and identifies as South Asian or an ally, is eligible to be a member. Currently, we are not charging a membership fee.


How far is your outreach? US and International?

We aim for a global presence. Currently, we have members and volunteers in the USA, Canada, UK, the UAE, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, and New Zealand.


Where can interested actuaries see SANA representatives?

SANA representatives are present at most industry events, either at a booth or during the DEI portion of the conference. We can also be seen attending our periodic membership meetings; a link to these meetings is usually published on our website and LinkedIn page, as well as sent to the membership email distribution list ahead of time. Most SANA board members and active volunteers have a LinkedIn presence and are open to connecting with interested people.


How does someone become a member? Do you have to be an accredited actuary?

No, you do not have to be a credentialed actuary. Please visit SANA, South Asian Network Of Actuaries ( and click the “join now” button to sign up to be a member or a volunteer.


How can members get involved in the organization?

Members can get involved by volunteering to be on one of the workstreams (Networking, Membership, Professional Development, or Communication & Collaboration), or they can respond to one of the many calls for volunteers for sub-committees or short-term projects that are sent out periodically.


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