Advice from an Actuarial Recruiter – Important Reasons to Work with a Recruiter Early in Your Actuarial Career

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Beginning your career as an actuary is an exciting time in a great industry. Actuaries have the ability to solve high-level issues within the insurance industry and help contribute to profitability. There are many different work tracks that an actuary can take and sometimes this can feel overwhelming. DW Simpson is available to be a resource for information that you can use to make decisions about your career path – and that starts at the beginning of your Actuarial journey.


At DW Simpson, we strive to build a relationship with each actuary early in their career so that we can be a trusted advisor as their career develops. As a young actuary, your career path might feel uncertain, and you might not know where life will take you. Working with a recruiter right out of the gate allows you to establish a relationship with someone who knows your needs now and will continue to guide you as your career develops.


As your career advances, the benefits of staying in touch with your recruiter only multiply because they have known you from the beginning, watched you grow, and can keep you in mind whenever a great opportunity presents itself. Staying connected will allow you to get first crack at that dream job because your recruiter has access to many open positions in the industry that are not made public. Your recruiter may not be involved in every job move that you make, but we want to be available to give advice and encouragement at every step of the process.


DW Simpson has been in the actuarial recruitment business for over 30 years and our recruiters have an average of 14 years of experience in the actuarial industry. With our collective knowledge, we can offer potential solutions and advice on different job searches. We have experience working with nearly every situation and the ability to help navigate each unique situation. We have long, trusted relationships with hiring leaders and actuaries at most insurance companies and consulting firms. These relationships allow us to call and inquire about potential interest in someone’s background, even if there is no specific job available.


A recruiter’s job is to simplify the job search for the candidate, and to oversee and coordinate throughout the hiring process in order for it to progress as seamlessly as possible. Contact us at DW Simpson and meet your dedicated recruiter today!


Derek Mulder – Partner and Lead Recruiter at DW Simpson