10 simple ways to keep a positive attitude – no matter what

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It’s much easier to deal with stress and life’s pressures when we can keep a positive

outlook. Here are some ways to keep a positive, healthy mental attitude, no matter

what life throws at you.

Find gratitude

Starting and ending your day with a list of at least 5 things you are grateful for will help

keep your head in a positive place. Write them in a journal, use one of the many

gratitude apps, or simply go through your list in your head – just find a way that works

for you to stay mindful of all the good in your life.

Create a healthy morning routine

Start your day with a strong morning routine before work. Include anything you need to

feel good – drink some water, move your body, shower, eat a nutritious breakfast. Give

yourself a healthy start to the day and everything will look a little brighter.

Stay close to positive people

Try to steer clear of negative people or anyone who involves you in gossip. Being around

pessimistic or cynical people can be like poison on your attitude and will only compound

the negativity in your head. Seeking those who stay focused on the positive will allow

you to share more productively and constructively, and help keep you feeling more

upbeat about life in general.

Practice daily self-care

Self care isn’t just bubble baths and pedicures – it’s whatever allows you to unwind,

destress, and rejuvenate. Reading your favorite book, watching the sunset, or calling a

friend are all excellent ways to rest and take care of yourself, and keep you feeling

positive even when times are tough.

Get rid of resentments

Resentments are poison that keep us stuck in the past and eventually erode our spirit.

It’s not easy, but when you stop blaming others and work on accepting responsibility for

your part of the situation, letting go of resentments will become easier. You then will be

free to move on and be more present and positive overall.

Move your body

Exercise, even just a quick walk or some yoga poses, is the fastest way to shift your

energy. So find something you love, that doesn’t feel like torture, and do it daily – and

let the good vibes flow through you.

Compliment others

Let those around you know when you have a positive thought about them. Sharing

positivity with others makes us feel better, makes them feel good about themselves,

and spreads happy feelings around. Take the opportunity to let people know the good

stuff about them and it will help you feel good, too.

Have things to look forward to after work

All work and no play can make your world feel small and joyless. Plan leisure activities

that fill you up and leave you refreshed. Include time for fun, creativity, and rest for a

balanced life and positive outlook.


Allow your mind to move on to new, positive thoughts with a meditation practice or

with inspirational readings. Practice focusing on the present moment with intentional

breathing or by repeating a mantra. Over time, your brain will get better at letting go of

the stagnant thoughts that are preoccupying and no longer serving you, leaving more

room for more helpful and hopeful ideas.

Look on the bright side

When you’re going through something difficult this is easier said than done, but there’s

a silver lining to every situation. We often have to be patient to see what it is but the

moment it starts to reveal itself (in a lesson, a new relationship, a new outlook), allow it

to have some meaning in your life. This will help reframe a seemingly negative situation

and give you the closure you need to move on.