Is Using a Recruiter Right for you?

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When you are ready to take the next step in your career, it is likely that you will begin that process by reaching out to contacts within your network.  This is a great place to start and can lead to a job offer, however, to be confident that you accept the best job from all the potential roles available, it is in your best interest to expand beyond your own network.  You can explore the job posting sites, however the most effective way to accomplish this is to work with a recruiter.  Below are important reasons why utilizing the services of a recruiter may be the right choice for you.

The biggest advantage of working with a recruiter is the ability to leverage their network.  If you work with a well-established and reputable firm, they have earned their reputation by providing value to the clients they work with.  As a result, they have built an extensive network of relationships related to hiring.  This allows them to provide you with information, such as which companies are hiring, and additional specifics like what the company is seeking, why the role is open, and insights into company culture.  At these companies they will know the person who drives the hiring process and will submit your resume directly to that person.   This can be a huge advantage, because if your resume is submitted through the company website it is likely that it will go to a general inbox along with thousands of other resumes.  Unfortunately, it is simply too easy for your resume to be overlooked when presented in this manner.

Additionally, recruiters can help you develop a list of target companies that do not currently have active openings.  Because recruiters know who oversees hiring at those companies, they can reach out to that person inquiring whether they might have an unadvertised need for someone with your skillset or if they anticipate hiring someone like you soon.  Many candidates get hired this way.

Using a recruiter adds efficiency to your search.  Rather than spend lots of energy searching for, applying for, and following up on roles, they can handle all that for you.  This means you will be able to better focus your attention on doing the best you can with the interviews you have.  As the interviews progress they can assist with aligning the timing of the processes for different roles.  The ideal situation would be to have multiple offers at the same time so that you can truly compare and choose the best match for you.

Finally, when you receive an offer, a recruiters expertise is helpful in determining how and what to negotiate on.  A successful negotiation will give you confidence to accept a job because you know that you have received the best offer possible.

There is no surefire way to guarantee a successful job search, however by combining your own efforts with those from a qualified recruiter you will dramatically increase your chances.  Please reach out to DW Simpson if we can assist you in your search for actuarial or analytic roles.

By: Dan Karrow – DW Simpson