The Benefits of Partnering with an Actuarial Recruiting Firm

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Actuarial recruitment is a highly specialized niche, and many companies choose to trust this process to a recruiting firm rather than trying to source on their own. A strategic partnership with an experienced actuarial recruiting firm can add significant value to your organization’s hiring process and help your internal team become more efficient and effective.

Partnering with an Actuarial Recruitment Firm Can Accelerate Your Hiring Process

Landing top actuarial talent can be challenging in a competitive labor market. Even if you have an internal talent acquisition team to handle your hiring needs, working with an outside actuarial recruitment firm like DW Simpson can be a beneficial supplement to your existing process and make the most out of everyone’s efforts. An actuarial recruitment firm has resources and expertise that can serve to amplify your current recruitment and hiring process within your internal team and make your team’s hiring goals a reality in the most efficient manner possible.

Here are some tips for working effectively with an actuarial recruiting firm:

  • View the relationship as a partnership: The best results come from working together. View the relationship as a true partnership in which your internal team supports the recruiter and vice versa. Your team knows your company inside and out, and your recruiter knows the job market. Working together effectively will lead to stronger hires.
  • You can never offer too much information: Provide the recruiting company with a detailed job description that outlines the skills, experience, and qualifications required for the position. Be upfront about challenges that you’ve had with the role in the past, as the recruiter can tailor solutions to overcome those challenges. Share expectations for the new hire and the management style of the team lead. All of this will contribute to identifying well-aligned candidates.
  • Provide feedback: Provide feedback to the recruiting company on the candidates they present to you in a timely manner. Let them know what you liked or didn’t like about each candidate and why. This will help the recruiter better understand your needs and refine their search accordingly.
  • Keep communication open: Be responsive to requests for feedback and provide updates on the status of your search. This will help keep candidates engaged in the process and allow the recruiting firm to manage expectations for both you and the candidate.
  • Be open to suggestions: Your recruiting partner has experience and expertise in identifying and recruiting top talent, so their suggestions may help you identify a great candidate that you might not have found otherwise.

With the right approach, an actuarial recruiting firm can be a valuable partner in helping you find top talent for your organization.

Actuarial Recruiters Give You Back Your Most Valuable Resource

A major advantage to teaming up with an expert, niche actuarial recruiters is that it gives your team back their most valuable resource: time. A recruiter can quickly attract candidates with the right skills and experience and take on time-consuming processes, such as sourcing, advertising the position, reviewing resumes to assess for the best fit, scheduling interviews or responding to candidate questions.

Time is of the essence when it comes to filling vacant roles – the longer these positions remain unfilled, the more productivity and morale can decline.

Actuarial Recruiters Are a Valuable Resource for Internal Teams

Since in-house recruitment teams are generally tasked with filling a variety of positions within their company, it can be difficult for them to feel confident in assessing candidates for highly technical roles that are outside of their field of expertise. A significant benefit of an actuarial recruiter teaming up with your organization is being able to utilize their industry knowledge in finding specialized talent. Having the support of a firm with a thorough understanding of the unique skillset required for your actuarial roles can make your internal team’s job less stressful for them, while keeping them closely involved in the process.

Instantly Expand Your Talent Pool

Working with an actuarial recruiter can provide the opportunity to get your company’s openings in front of a network of vetted, highly qualified actuaries, including passive candidates who are not actively looking for a new job but may be willing to switch for the right opportunity. If you have your own internal recruitment professionals, partnering with an outside firm can streamline their efforts by allowing them to quickly tap into a talent pool that they otherwise would not have been able to access.

Working With an Actuarial Recruiter Is a Smart Use of Your Resources

Whether you have a dedicated staff for handling hiring internally or a manager tasked with hiring for their own areas in addition to their normal duties, the fact remains that recruitment requires a lot of time and effort to be enacted properly and with the desired end results. Depending on your current team’s capacity, it can be challenging for them to manage the workload without being stretched too thin. Deciding to work with an actuarial recruiting firm like DW Simpson can ease the burden on your hiring team and make the best use of your resources. Your team can delegate the majority of the recruitment process to the actuarial recruiter, allowing the team to focus on projects that are a high priority for their departmental goals and overall company objectives.

Actuarial Recruiters Have The Expertise and Contacts to Fill Leadership Roles

The hiring process for executive-level positions is especially critical for the overall success of an organization. C-suite roles are already more challenging and require more strategy, time, and resources – however, for technical roles like actuaries at a senior level, it can be even more difficult since you have to find someone with technical and leadership experience. The talent pool is inherently smaller for executive searches in general, and having to narrow it down for highly specialized technical skills can be a complex undertaking.

Since recruiters for actuaries are experts in their field, they can be a trusted partner in the executive hiring process. Not only do they have existing connections to C-suite level actuaries and can immediately start reaching out to a qualified pool of prospects, but an actuarial recruitment firm can ensure candidates have the technical and soft skills necessary to be an optimal fit.

Partner with an Actuarial Recruitment Firm to Give Your Internal Hiring Team the Support They Deserve

If you have a hardworking and talented internal hiring team, you can help them maximize their potential by partnering with DW Simpson to enhance their efforts. Our experts have been serving clients with actuarial recruitment needs for more than 30 years. As the largest actuarial recruiting firm in the US, our recruiters are passionate and highly involved in the industry. They attend industry meetings, events, and conferences to stay on top of ever-changing trends, and maintain relationships with top actuarial talent through networking. Our mission is to provide quality actuarial candidates with an efficient turnaround, ensuring our clients’ utmost satisfaction and continued partnership. We are vested in the immediate and long-term success of the clients we serve and will go above and beyond to help them succeed.

Another key differentiating factor that sets DW Simpson apart from other actuarial recruiting firms is our annual salary survey, which is a valuable tool and the industry standard. We conduct this survey for the benefit of the industry because we understand just how crucial it is to have up-to-date and accurate salary data to make competitive offers and land top actuarial talent.

If you’re ready to get started with a partnership with the DW Simpson team, contact us today to learn more about our actuarial recruitment process and how we can help with your actuarial talent search.