Spotlight on SAGAA – Sexuality and Gender Alliance of Actuaries

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During Pride Month, DW Simpson would like to take the opportunity to highlight a very special organization, SAGAA – Sexuality and Gender Alliance of Actuaries. This very important and relevant organization’s focus is to help make the actuarial profession more equitable. Founded in June 2020, SAGAA aims to facilitate connections between LGBTQ+ actuaries and allies to engage in community-wide dialogue about LGBTQ+ issues. They work to create a safe space for dialogue, community, and actuarial career encouragement, while also educating the broader actuarial profession.


SAGAA addresses these topics though the 3 Pillars of their organization:

1. Networking – fostering community among LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies.

2. Professional Development – Aiming to empower actuarial professionals with the knowledge they need to be effective allies and provide a path for young LGBTQ+ folks to enter the profession with acceptance.

3. Company Education – Aiming to help organizations create positive work environments for their current and future LGBTQ+ employees and to encourage diversity throughout the profession.

This group is very involved – and very busy! Some of SAGAA’s recent achievements include:

• The creation of their website

• Achieving 1000 followers on LinkedIn and 286 on Instagram

• Published articles, including:

o The Importance of Pronoun Disclosure: A nonbinary actuarial analyst’s perspective

o Being Out, Open and Proud in the Workplace

o Celebrating Pride Month & the Creation of SAGAA

o SAGAA: How it Began and Hopes for the Future

• Delivered Presentations and Trainings such as

o LGBTQ+ Identities & Allyship in Actuarial Workplaces (CAS Spring Meeting & Webinar)

o CAS, SOA Meeting D&I Networking Sessions

• Quarterly SAGAA Member Meetings (next meeting: June 23rd at 12pm Central)


If you would like to get involved, SAGAA holds quarterly member meetings, and are always looking for volunteers for their three committees: Recruitment/Student Engagement, Training & Development, and Social Media. You can contact them with any questions about how to get involved at

Find more information at