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A positive first impression is crucial in most situations, but especially in the first days at your new job. People form an opinion of someone they meet in the first 2 to 4 minutes so take this opportunity to put your best foot forward! We have compiled some great tips to help ensure that you make the best first impression possible.


Arrive (a little bit) early

Being early will show that you are responsible and professional on minute #1 of your new job so plan to arrive 10-15 minutes earlier than requested by the hiring manager. When we are late, it can indicate to others a lack of respect and self-discipline, and no one wants to be seen in this light by their new boss. Set your alarm, plan out your commute, and give yourself plenty of extra time to account for traffic or any delays. You can always grab a coffee and relax in your car if you end up with extra time.


Dress appropriately

A professional appearance is the simplest way to show that you take your job seriously. First and foremost, find out about your new office’s dress code and go from there. You want to be confident and comfortable in your first days on the job but remember, even if the dress code is “casual and laid back”, be sure you’re not too casual while you’re still trying to make a good first impression. And a good rule of thumb: if it’s something you would wear to a nightclub, then it’s definitely not for your first day of work!


Be prepared

Pack everything you will need to be successful on your first day – laptop, notebook, pens, chargers, lunch, a snack, and your water bottle. Ask your HR contact for anything else you would need to bring such as ID and any paperwork. It always helps to collect a couple of ideas or questions you might have and write down some of the reasons you wanted this job, so you’ll be prepared for the new conversations you’ll be having. Being prepared in these ways will help you relax and take a lot of the anxiety out of your first day.


Introduce yourself to everyone

Make the first move with your new coworkers. Making an effort to learn people’s names and start small conversations can help set the tone for great working relationships going forward. Take the opportunity at the coffee machine or on your lunch break to show your interest in your colleagues by asking them questions and expressing genuine interest in getting to know them. Forming meaningful connections with the people we work with can make our jobs even more rewarding.


Watch your non-verbal cues

It’s important to consider the ways we communicate with our colleagues, not only with our words, but with our body language and non-verbal gestures. If we have our arms crossed, are frowning, or are avoiding eye contact, it could be sending the wrong message that we are disinterested or bored. Let your new coworkers know you are interested by responding to conversation with periodic nods, comments, and questions. A slight smile and some appropriate eye contact will go far in communicating your interest. Just being aware of your non-verbals will help to avoid miscommunications and make a better first impression overall.


Give off positive vibes

Being friendly and smiling is a great way to start off on the right foot. Facial expressions can show even while wearing a mask – a smile can be felt! A positive attitude and an enthusiasm for being part of the team can be the key to your success in your new position, as well as a major factor in managing your stress levels. So smile and say good morning as you pass your new coworkers – it will benefit your career and your overall health.


Put your phone away

It’s always a good idea to put your phone and put it on silent so you can be 100% present at your new position. Stick it in your desk drawer and let voicemail pick up, checking it just occasionally to make sure you haven’t missed anything critical. You can find a private location where you will not disturb anyone to take personal calls on your lunch break. Keeping your phone tucked away will allow you to keep your eyes up and will show your new boss and teammates that you are fully engaged.


Ask questions

Be proactive and don’t hesitate to ask questions. This is your opportunity to show your curiosity and your willingness to learn. You’re expected to have a lot of questions! Seeking out the information you need to do your job will show you are enthusiastic and eager to learn. So stay teachable! The ability to express that you do not know something and the humbleness to ask to be taught show others that you can put your ego aside and be a team player, and, ultimately, will help you advance in your career.


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