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Tom Troceen

Tom Troceen

Chief Technology Officer
(312) 867-2362

Tom joined DW Simpson in April of 2005. Prior to DW Simpson, Tom started ActuarialNews.org and worked as a freelance web developer for many large and small businesses, including DW Simpson. Tom graduated from Florida State University earning a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science. 

Tom-officeTom is currently the Chief Technology Officer for DW Simpson and regularly attends meetings held by the SOA, CAS, SEAC, IABA and ICA. He also runs the largest social network for actuaries at the Actuarial Outpost. With over 39,000 members, 8,000,000 posts and 285,000 discussion topics, it is the most visited actuarial website worldwide. The Actuarial Outpost has been mentioned in the New York Times, LA Times, TechCrunch, Harvard Review, and dozens of other print and online publications.

Tom also compiles the annual DW Simpson Actuarial Salary Survey which is the most trusted and comprehensive salary survey for actuaries.  DW Simpson is in the process of collecting salary data for our International Actuarial Salary Survey which will include 20+ countries.

When Tom isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his growing family, cooking, hiking, fishing, 3D videography, building drones, collecting fossils, paleontology, customizing open source software, gardening, foraging, mycology, astronomy, creating art and playing the guitar.

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