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Job Locations Virginia

Job Locations Virginia

Director & Actuary, Life (Virginia #48093)

Nationally known insurance company is seeking a student actuary, ASA or FSA with at least 5+ years of experience including model building in SAS, AXIS, MATLAB, etc. Candidate should have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, the ability to meet project deadlines, and manage multiple priorities. Must also be able to support actuarial pricing...

AVP & Valuation Model Development Leader (Virginia #48092)

Virginia insurer is seeking an ASA or FSA with 7 years of experience to lead the LTC modeling team. The ideal candidate would be a strong leader, be able to work with others, and programming experience, especially SAS, Python, Visual Basic, SQL, and/or MATLAB. Candidate must also be proficient in...

Accounting Manager, Health (Virginia #51932)

Healthcare organization needs an Account Manager who has a minimum of 7 years experience, with 5 being in public accounting. Must be a CPA with Microsoft Office knowledge and experience with Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, etc. (#51932) Apply Now

Model Validation Actuary Director (Virginia #50185) Southeastern insurer seeks an FSA or a career ASA with 5+ years of relevant experience within insurance industry in addition to 3+ year of direct experience in building and improving models (SAS, MATLAB, Polysystems, ALFA, AXIS, etc.). Familiarity with critical models in Long Term...