Employee Anniversaries

Employee Anniversaries

Employee Anniversaries

KC Cho – 20+ years

KC joined DW Simpson Global Actuarial Recruitment in October of 1995. Outside of his recruiting, client management, and business development responsibilities, K.C. is heavily involved with the firm’s key initiatives of recruitment, training and development of staff.

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Ellen Page – 20+ years

Ellen joined the company in 1998. Ellen currently serves as Chief Administrative Officer & Treasurer and is a Partner of D.W. Simpson. As CAO, Ellen oversees all of D.W. Simpson’s operational and financial considerations.

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Kim Skora – 15+ years

Kim joined DW Simpson in October 2000 as an Assistant Recruiter to one of the Founding Partners of DW Simpson. In January 2005, she moved into a Lead Recruiter role working with experienced actuaries of all disciplines and quantitative risk professionals. She attends a number of professional conferences and seminars sponsored by the CAS, SOA and regional affiliates. Kim was promoted to Partner in September 2010.

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Marianne Westphal – 15+ years

Marianne joined DW Simpson in 2003 and was promoted to Senior Manager in 2009, Director in 2010 and Senior Director in 2012. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from University of Wisconsin Madison and has completed numerous courses toward an MBA at University of Chicago.

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Dave Benton – 15+ years

Dave joined DW Simpson in 1996, and then re-joined DW Simpson in 2007 as Director – Retained Search Services after five years in an actuarial recruiting capacity for an insurance company and consulting firm. Dave was promoted to Chief Human Resources Officer in March of 2017, and currently serves as DW Simpson’s representative on the International Association of Black Actuaries (IABA) Corporate Advisory Council.

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Derek Mulder – 15+ years

Derek joined DW Simpson in 2003. He began as an Assistant Recruiter working with one of the Partners and then transitioned to leading his own team in December 2005. Currently Derek manages a two-person team.

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Valorie Mulder – 10+ years

Valorie holds the role of Senior Manager on a team with Director, Dan Karrow. She joined DW Simpson in 2005 as an Assistant to the late Managing Partner & Founder, David Simpson. Valorie works with all levels of actuaries and other quantitative risk management professionals to provide them with as many suitable opportunities as possible during their job search.

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Julie Garwood – 10+ years

Julie joined DW Simpson Global Actuarial Recruitment in February, 2006. As a Manager and Lead Recruiter, Julie enjoys the interpersonal aspects of keeping in touch with individuals throughout the evolution of their careers. Learning a person’s preferences both personally and professionally over time helps her to assist them in finding the job which makes the most sense for them at every step of their career.

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