Actuarial Conference Best Practices

Actuarial Conference Best Practices

Actuarial Conference Best Practices

Actuarial Conferences are ongoing throughout the year and are a highly valuable resource for Actuaries to stay current with the latest industry trends. There are many benefits to attending actuarial conferences, in addition to fulfilling your continuing education requirements.

While these conferences provide a great environment to attend sessions and learn from a variety of leaders/presenters within the actuarial community, they also provide the opportunity to network among a diverse and accomplished group of industry professionals.

So, you’ll want to make the most of your time as a participating professional at these conferences, especially since you’ll be away from your core responsibilities back at the office. Below are some helpful tips on how to make the most of Actuarial Industry Conferences.

Prepare Ahead of Time

  • Review the Attendee List ahead of time. Is there anyone attending that you would like to meet? If appropriate, reach out to that person in advance to arrange a time to meet for coffee or dinner.
  • Review the Session topics prior to the meeting and select which ones make the most sense to attend, based on your business.
  • Bring business cards.

Be Impressive

  • Always look your best. Dress as dictated by the particular meeting. Conservative business dress is always recommended, and it is always better to be overdressed rather than underdressed if there is any uncertainty.
  • First impressions matter. You never know when you may be speaking to a potential future employer, client, direct report, or supervisor. These connections and interactions are a great way to make a positive, or negative, impression.
  • Remember – you are representing your company, not just yourself. Keep a professional demeanor throughout the entirety of the meeting, including travel to and from, as you may not always be aware when other attendees are around.


  • Attend the social functions! It is a great time to meet and network with others within the actuarial community.
  • Don’t be shy. Introduce yourself to others. Most likely the person next to you doesn’t know anyone either.
  • If you see someone you want to speak with, take advantage of the moment. A good rule of thumb is to act on this impulse in 5 seconds or less, before your brain kills the idea. You likely will not run into that person again, even if you think that you will.
  •  Ask questions. People like to talk about themselves and their work. Listen and engage with fellow Actuaries!

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About the Author

Kim Skora joined DW Simpson in October 2000 as an Assistant Recruiter to one of the Founding Partners of DW Simpson. In January 2005, she moved into a Lead Recruiter role working with experienced actuaries of all disciplines and quantitative risk professionals. She currently leads her own team and works with actuaries at various levels in their career ranging from a few years of experience to more seasoned actuaries. She attends a number of professional conferences and seminars sponsored by the CAS, SOA and regional affiliates. Kim was promoted to Partner in September 2010.

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