Body Language Tips for Your Next Job Interview

Body Language Tips for Your Next Job Interview

Body Language Tips for Your Next Job Interview

What Is Your Body Language Saying?body language in an interview

Are your arms folded across your chest? Do you prefer taking up space at the table? Are you making yourself smaller in your chair? Do you have your legs crossed?

The way you sit, gesture, and physically interact with your surroundings during a meeting or interview portrays a powerful image to those you are with. Part of my role as a Recruiter is to thoroughly prepare candidates for their interviews, and I frequently reference the following Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy, Social Psychologist.

TED Talk: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

The information shared by Amy is relevant not just to the interview process, but can be applied in a number of professional situations regardless of your level or experience. Becoming more aware of your body language and analyzing what ‘message’ you are sending enables you to alter that message based on the setting, those you are speaking with, and the impression that you are trying to make. I find that this is particularly helpful for people who have not interviewed in some time, who may be nervous about their performance, and for anyone who needs a confidence boost before heading into an important meeting.

We would love to hear your thoughts on Amy’s presentation and your experiences with positive and negative body language during the interview process.

Here are some of our takeaways:

  • Your body language has just as much impact as what you’re saying.
  • Audit your current posture. What does it say about you now?
  • How can you change your posture to show confidence, enthusiasm, etc?
  • Changing your posture can feel unnatural.  Amy suggests that you don’t simply “fake it, until you make it,”  but “fake it until you become it.”
  • When your posture portrays you as optimistic, assertive, positive and self-confident, you have a better chance of becoming those things.

Body Language Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy

About the Author

Ginny Hiteshew joined DW Simpson in December of 2013 as a Retained Search and Client Development Specialist. Ginny began working with experienced actuaries in June of 2015.

Previously, she spent sixteen years in the Fixed Income Division of Goldman Sachs as a Vice President in the Municipal Department. Additionally, she spearheaded recruiting at Goldman Sachs with the top MBA programs in Chicago.

2 thoughts on “Body Language Tips for Your Next Job Interview

  1. Matt

    Before watching this I had begun to notice these changes within as I made changes to my every day posture. This video really drove the point home and made me confident the things I was noticing had actually begun to happen.

  2. James Cayetano

    Awesome tips you have here. A very helpful one not just for people who’s applying for a job but also for everyone. Your body language may be the first impression to you by other people.


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