Making the Most of Your Recruiter Relationship

Making the Most of Your Recruiter Relationship

Making the Most of Your Recruiter Relationship

By Derek Mulder, Director & Elsa VanHove, Senior Recruiter

Derek-officeAt DW Simpson, we understand that the job market can be overwhelming. There are different positions with numerous companies all over the world, and it can be difficult to make sense of it all.

As the top actuarial search firm in the world, it is our job to decode that market and help you make the most of your job search process. We also understand that Actuaries are in very high demand, and navigating the amount of open positions in a fast-moving market can be frustrating. This is why we recommend working with one recruiter, and why we believe in forming good recruiter candidate relationships over the long term.

If it is your first time working with a recruiter (or your first time in a long time), we have a few recommendations for how to maximize your recruiter relationship.

Know where your resume is going

It can come across as scatterbrained and unprofessional if you and multiple recruiters have sent your resume to the same company. DW Simpson will always get a candidate’s permission before sending out their resume (though other firms may have a different philosophy). Keep a job log detailing where your resume is being sent, who is sending your resume and the outcome, interview or not.

Make use of your recruiter’s relationships

Having been in business for 26 years, we have developed long-standing relationships with many companies and hiring managers. This allows us (and you) to bypass online portals, and ensure that your resume is seen by the right people. As new positions become available, your recruiter can readdress your resume for these additional opportunities.

Ask your recruiter questions

Do your own research on the company and also ask questions of the recruiter. Many times, a recruiter will have additional information that can’t be found on a job posting.

Stay in touch

Elsa-officeIt’s crucial for candidates and recruiters to have an open line of communication to discuss where things are in the job search process. Updating your recruiter about any new interviews or job offers that you might have on your own enables your recruiter to make sure that every company you are interested is aware of your timeline and that you could soon be off the market!

Be open and honest with your recruiter

Recruiters see many different personal and professional situations every day and can talk you through the best way to explain unusual circumstances. This can help limit any red flags to employers during an interview, and it’s nice to get a second opinion on how to handle a tricky conversation.

Be open-minded

Your recruiter has taken time to get to know your background and professional preferences. They also have insider information on unique job opportunities. Even if a position is outside of your preferred location or has a different job title, there is a reason your recruiter is showing you the position. Being open minded allows you to see what kind of opportunities are out there to grow your career.

There are many benefits to working with a knowledgeable recruiter. Even if you are not actively looking for a new job, staying in touch with a recruiter is a great way to stay abreast of the broader market. At DW Simpson, we value and maintain relationships over the long term. This means that when you are ready to look for a new job, you already have a recruiter who understands your unique background and situation. The above recommendations are just a few ways to maximize this relationship.

About the Authors

Derek Mulder joined DW Simpson in 2003. He began as an Assistant Recruiter working with one of the Partners and then transitioned to leading his own team in December 2005. Currently Derek manages a two-person team.

Throughout his career at DW Simpson, Derek has worked with actuaries at every stage of their careers – from students progressing through exams to designated individuals with extensive leadership experience. He has successfully placed candidates into various emerging areas beyond actuarial such as Enterprise Risk Management, Catastrophe Modeling and Health Analytics



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